MIELL Quality Hungary – Top Level Quality Control !

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Our company, founded by Bálint Botfa in Vasvár in 2011, has doubled its revenue every year since it was established. MIELL Quality controls and validates the comformity of the goods produced by the automotive suppliers. Our services are based on the principle that it is possible to perform well while offering high level of precision work as well as competitive prices if these services are built on expertise, flexibility and reliability.
MIELL Company offers various professional services to car manufacturers, to suppliers in the automotive industry and to plants operating in other industrial sectors.Our customers are offered quality control processes and special repair services, production line support and interim services. We meet our customers’ demanding requirements by ensuring well-organized and highly-qualified personnel as well as by offering our quality management system being introduced and continuously improved.
MIELL Quality Hungary is not just ONE of the quality control companies. MIELL Quality Hungary is the company where quality is ensured. At Vasvár Miell Quality the employees are regarded as the most valuable.

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1st place – Market Leader Category
West – Hungary Region