Our services

Inspection of incoming goods

Inspection of raw materials shipped to the manufacturers from the suppliers according to preset criteria and sample dimensions (100% / AQL). Our comprehensive services include direct contact with suppliers with respect to each work process (from placing orders to issuing invoices).

In-process control

Inspections are conducted while goods are in production. The purpose is to detect nonconformities as early as possible, and thus, reduce the costs.

End control

Inspection of finished goods after the production is completed but prior to shipping the lot to the customer. The requirements generally refer to the part key components and specifications. The goals are to maintain customer confidence and avoid complaints.

CSL1 Firewall control

An independent 100% visual inspection following the end control of the production line. Customers generally place orders to conduct these inpections which include a stringent system of criteria.

CSL2 Firewall control

100 % inspection of goods based on criteria established by the customer. Following inspection, the goods are marked with tailored product designation. The results of inspections are communicated to manufacturers as well as to customers.

Post-production work

Post-production functional or aesthetic work is done to parts or finished goods (e.g. gluing, grinding, deburring and cleaning).

Technician services

Include controls that require higher qualifications of the personnel and data collection, feedback on and simple analysis of process data.

Mounting and assembling

Carrying out assignments and controls of parts according to specifications.


Upon specifications, the quantitative determination of a parameter with the use of accurate instruments. We can also offer our services to conduct sample-based and serial measurements.


In our sites we perform activities that are outsourced by the customer.